Cell Phone Repair - In-store and Mail-in

Water Damaged Phones * Cracked Screens

Damaged LCDs * Charging Port * Camera Issues Home/Power/Volume * Buttons * Battery Problems

Touch Issues * Mic/Speakers * Software Issues

Money Back Guarantee!


Tablet Repair - In-store only

Glass Digitizer, LCDs

iOS, Android, or Windows operating system!

Defective charging port, camera, buttons, housing, battery, flex cables, etc. with original OEM parts.

Computer Repair - In-store only

FREE Estimate & Diagnostics!

PC Tune-Up and Upgrade

Browser Repair * Password Recovery

Viruses * Trojan horses * Worms removal

Registry Fix * Startup Optimization * Disk Clean-up


We will make sure your computer is in it's optimal performance, factory computers comes with innumerous pre-loaded and useless software as well as temporally anti-virus that will make your computer slower over the time.  We guarantee that all viruses are removed.  A entire diagnostic will be done including all drivers and updates.  Your personal computer interior will be vaccumed and cleaned with pressure air including fans that accumulate dust causing a faulty fan over the time.


Unlocking Services - In-store and Online

GSM Factory Unlock * Use it worldwide

Never locked again with updates or restore

Best prices in Miami and Fort Lauderdale Area







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